Producer of customised cables

We specialise in small and medium-scale production of customised cables based on customer drawings or designs. We also offer replacement of damaged or worn cables.

We offer a comprehensive range of services: from design consultations and arrangements, through prototyping, to production and delivery of the ordered batch.

  • Cables: pull-only cables, push-pull cables, cables for vintage cars, cables for special-purpose vehicles, replacement OEM cables (for tractors, front loaders, combine harvesters, backhoe loaders and other machinery and equipment)
  • Flexible shafts: We produce flexible shafts used for torque transmission. These are also used in speedo cables.
  • Flexible shafts for chimnay cleaning: We supply chimney sweep professionals and companies servicing ventilation systems with flexible shafts for mechanical cleaning of chimneys and ventilation ducts.

We also offer materials and individual components for the cables.

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Flexible shafts

About Us

MZ-Linka P. T. Zydra S.C. is an experienced Polish producer of cables.

Our products find use in a variety of sectors, including heavy industry, agricultural and construction machinery, rolling stock, passenger vehicles, as well as non-standard applications. We supply wholesalers with high quality replacements for much more expensive OEM cables.

We offer both mass and unit production (we accept orders even for several units). We provide support in designing new cables to replace old solutions.

In order to minimise the lead time from the consultation to the delivery of the finished product we focus on flexible cooperation, simple procedures and effective communication with international partners.